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Restoring and caring for your belongings

ProStar’s contents restoration process helps manage your belongings while we repair your property. Our professionally trained staff use state-of-the-art technology to ensure your belongings are carefully documented, cleaned and stored before returning to your property. The ProStar team works with highly sophisticated software to photo-document and track your belongings, while carefully sanitizing and cleaning restorable items using ultrasonic sound wave technology. With ProStar, it’s always a Job done right.®

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Frequently Asked Questions
Will ProStar store my contents?

Yes. We will track and store any salvageable items. And we can also restore those items that are salvageable. We will also make a list of items (including food items) deemed non-restorable to provide to you and your insurance company.

What do ‘contents’ and ‘structure’ refer to?

‘Contents’ refer to any of your belongings that can be packed in a moving truck if you were to change residences. This might include: documents, books, clothing, machinery, office equipment, furniture, artwork, antiques, media, electronics and more. Appliances may have to be sorted out by your individual insurance adjuster, depending on the condominium corporation’s bylaws. The ‘structure’ is the building’s infrastructure such as the floor, ceilings, walls and can sometimes include the plumbing, electrical and mechanical components as well.

How do I keep track of unsalvageable items?

Make a list of items (including food items) deemed nonrestorable. Make a copy for your insurance company and keep one for yourself. If you choose ProStar to assist with your contents restoration, we offer tools on our Customer Contents portal that will assist with this process.

What about my electronics, area rugs, artwork, and antiques?

ProStar employs many state-of-the-art restoration techniques and works with a network of professionals who can restore a wide range of specialty items. We work with your insurance adjuster to identify and address items requiring special attention.

What happens to my wet furniture?

Furniture is assessed on a case-by-case basis. Often, furniture can be dried, cleaned, deodorized, and restored successfully. Common factors that result in furniture being unsalvageable include sewage contamination, permanent swelling, staining, discolouration, and damage that is a direct result of the loss.

Will I receive a detailed list of all content removed from my home?

You will receive a general list, including photographs, of all the items removed from your home. You will receive a detailed list, including photographs, of all items deemed unsalvageable. Because most insurance policies have coverage limits pertaining to contents, we do not provide the same level of descriptive detail for salvageable items as we do for unsalvageable items. This helps to manage overall claims costs and preserve your coverage limits for use towards the replacement cost of the unsalvageable items.

Winnie, W

Google Review

After my condo flooded, ProStar was recommended to me by the condo management board. I was quite satisfied with their services as they had to pretty much rebuild the entire interior of the condo from scratch. They took an older condominium and turned it modern inside. It got a bit longer than originally estimated but still within a reasonable timing. Very happy with the work.

Jan, C

Google Review

ProStar was perfect and they were working hard and on a very tight schedule, to make our place livable again!

Brodie, S

Google Review

After a lot of hail and heavy rain I discovered some pretty bad water damage at my house. ProStar came in and took very good care of me they were fast, professional and reliable. Friendly staff were able to put me at ease during the stressful time. I would recommend them to my friends and family.

Certified & Caring

ProStar is ISO 9001:2015 certified for quality assurance, COR certified for safety and adheres to IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning & Restoration Certification) emergency response guidelines, so you can count on the highest quality standards in every job we do.

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